Green Circle Consulting

Consulting Services

I offer the following consulting services: I am happy to meet with you in your office or remotely via an online meeting.

Coaching Services

I have helped small, locally-focused businesses since 2004 through my accounting business. I have always taken a wholistic approach and have helped many people in all aspects and stages of business. But before we talk about business plans and fiscal projections, it is important to talk about where your heart is. Is this the right path for you, at the right time? To have lasting impact in the world, you must start with yourself. That means defining your values and life goals. What is your motivation and will it sustain you?

Once you are solid with yourself, we can move to merging your passion with your vision and get the ball rolling. Business acumen is key to success and I bring that to the table with 11 years of running a successful small business as well as working with businesses in many different fields. There will always be hurdles, whether financing and cash flow, finding and keeping a great staff, or reaching your audience effectively, but they will be easier to overcome if you start from a clear vision.

This is my vision: I help to birth a new paradigm of deeply grounded, connected and passionate visionaries that guard our planet to a time of peace, resiliance and empathy.

The world is transforming and we must change with it. We can no longer sit idly by and think only of lining our nests. Business is an excellent tool for filling those gaps in the world and in our hearts. We can help by re-claiming rooftops and building gardens, by creating a water purifier for those that want it and those that need it most or building distribution systems for rural farmers. If you see a need, a creative solution exists.

If this speaks to you, please connect with me. I look forward to meeting you.